Articles from SAMUDRA Report

Fisheries Subsidies: Fishing for subsidies. SAMUDRA Report No. 36

WTO Negotiations: Give some, take some. SAMUDRA Report No. 31

WTO Agenda: Trading gets fishing. SAMUDRA Report No. 30

Comment: Say yes to good subsidies. SAMUDRA Report No. 28

Comment: What price subsidies? SAMUDRA Report No. 21

Articles from Yemaya
Darwin’s Nightmare. Yemaya Issue no. 19

Hopes against the nightmare. Yemaya Issue no. 20

Harsh working conditions. Yemaya Issue no. 6

What next? Yemaya Issue no. 12

Occasional Papers
Untangling Subsidies, Supporting Fisheries: The WTO Fisheries Subsidies Debate and
Developing-country Priorities by John Kurien. 2006

Papers/Presentations of ICSF

Statements of ICSF
Statement at the Tenth Meeting of the FAO Sub-Committee on Fish Trade***ICSF_Statement_010606.doc