Labour Issues

Articles from SAMUDRA Report

Well balanced, timely and relevant. SAMUDRA Report No. 41. 2005.

Comment. SAMUDRA Report No. 41

ILO Conference: Flexible, inclusive standards

Comment: Welcome labour, SAMUDRA Report No.35, 2003

Labour: Fishing for labour standards. SAMUDRA Report No. 35, July 2003

Women workers feeling insecure. SAMUDRA Report No. 22

Seafaring workers: Protest, don't sit still. SAMUDRA Report No. 21, December 1998

Migrant workers: Out of the frying pan into the fire. SAMUDRA Report No. 17, March 1997

Distant-water fishworkers: Treading on dangerous waters. SAMUDRA Report No. 13, October 1995

Seafaring workers: Scars of labour. SAMUDRA Report No. 12, April 1995

Fishworkers and Taiwan’s Distant-water Fishing Industry. SAMUDRA Report No. 4, 1991

Cruel Taiwan - SAMUDRA Report No. 4, 1991

Seafarers, Fishworkers, and Supporters Unite in Mauritius. SAMUDRA Report No .4, 1991

The conditions of fishworkers on Distant-Water Vessels. SAMUDRA Report No Issue 4, 1991

Articles from Yemaya
Free the fishing boys. Yemaya Issue no. 12

Strike for a hike. Yemaya Issue no. 14

SAMUDRA Monographs
Samudra Monograph, Nets for Social Safety by John Kurien and Antonyto Paul, 69 pp. 2000.

Social Welfare and Social Security in Sri Lankan Fisheries by Oscar Amarasinghe. 73pp. 2005.

Social Security for Fishworkers in Brazil: A Case Study of Pará. Celeste Ferreira Lourenço, Jimnah de Almeida e Silva Henkel,Maria Cristina Alves Maneschy. 2006. 43p.

Fishing for Standards. A collection of articles on ILO's proposed comprehensive standard on work in the fishing sector. 2004.

Statements of ICSF
Statement made at the Plenary of the 93rd session of ILC, 93rd Session of the International Labour Conference

Statement made at the 93rd session of ILC,

Statement made at the 92nd session of the ILC

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