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Articles from SAMUDRA Report

Aquaculture from farm to plate. SAMUDRA Report No. 36

Shrimp Aquaculture: Tread carefully. SAMUDRA Report No. 20

Aquaculture: Engineering the blue revolution. SAMUDRA Report No. 20

Aquaculture: Searching for footprints. SAMUDRA Report No. 17

Aquaculture: Muddy waters. SAMUDRA Report No. 17

NGO Statement on Unsustainable Aquaculture: Rethinking Aquaculture. SAMUDRA Report No. 15

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Articles from Yemaya
Questioning invisibility. Yemaya Issue no. 20

ICSF Reports
South Asia Workshop and Symposium on Fisheries and Coastal Area Management 26 September – 1 October 1996, Madras, India

Enigma Of EUS: Consultation on Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome vis-a-vis the Environment and the People, 25-26 May, 1992. Summary of Proceedings. October, 1992 40 pp.

Global Fisheries Trends and the Future of Fishworkers: Report of the International Conference of Bangkok, 22-27 January 1990, 24p.

ICSF Statements

ICSF Statement on Aquaculture, at the Third Session of the Sub-committee on Aquaculture, COFI, New Delhi, 04-08 September 2006 II.doc