Day 3

Thursday, 6 July 2006

0830 - 1030 hrs

Labour Issues in Fisheries

Moderator: Cosme Caracciolo

  1. Small-scale Fisheries and the Proposed ILO Labour Standards for Fishing: Sebastian Mathew
  2. Child Labour in Fisheries: Sharing from West Africa: David Eli
  3. Impact of Destructive Fishing Gear in Venezuela's Artisanal Fishery: Leo Walter Gonzalez Cabellos
    (Paper 1)

1030 - 1230 hrs


Moderator: Nalini Nayak

  1. Recent Developments in Aquaculture and Prospects for the Future: Rolf Willmann
  2. The Social and Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture in Chile: (Paper-1), (Paper-2): Juan Carlos Cardenas
  3. Privatizing the Commons for Aquaculture in Thailand: Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk
  4. The Social and Environmental Impacts of Shrimp Aquaculture in Latin America: Soraya Vanini


1230 - 1330 hrs

Lunch Break

1330 - 1600 hrs

Fishworker Organizations: Emerging Concerns

Moderator: Antonio Carlos Diegues

  1. Dao Gueye: CNPS, Senegal
  2. Harekrishna Debnath: NFF, India
  3. Cornelie Quist: Fisherwomen's Movement in Europe: Achievements and Challenges
  4. Herman Kumara: NAFSO, Sri Lanka
  5. Cosme Caracciolo and Zaida Zurita: CONAPACH, Chile
  6. Ramon Agama Salas: FIUPAP, Peru
  7. José Carlos Diniz: MONAPE, Brazil
  8. Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk: Thailand
  9. Jackie Sunde and Moenieba Isaacs: South Africa
  10. Mamayawa Sandouno: Guinea Conakry

1600 - 1800 hrs

Concluding session

1800 - 1900 hrs