Day 1

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

0830  0900 hrs


0900  1030 hrs

Inaugural Session

ModeratorsRené Schärer and Maria Cristina Maneschy

  1. Welcome and Brief Overview of ICSF:Chandrika Sharma, ICSF
  2. 20 years of ICSF:Reflections by Founding Members

1100  1230 hrs

Responsible Fisheries Panel Discussion: Fisheries Management: Rights-based Fisheries and Implications for the Small-scale Sector

: Moenieba Isaacs
Panellists: John Kurien, Rolf Willmann, Sebastian Mathew

1230  1330 hrs

Lunch Break

1330  1600 hrs

Responsible Fisheries (Contd.)

Moderator: Jackie Sunde

  1. Co-management in Fisheries: Implications for the Small-scale Sector: Nalini Nayak, ICSF
  2. The Pros and Cons of Management Areas in Chile: The Experience of CONAPACH, Cosme Caracciolo Alvarez
  3. The Importance of the Artisanal Fishing Zone: Ramon Agama Salas, FIUPAP, Peru
  4. CBCRM as a Strategy for Sustainable Development of Coastal Resources and Livelihood: Elmer Ferrar, CBCRM

Group Discussions and Reporting

1600  1630 hrs

Tea break

1630  1830 hrs

Panel Discussion: Distant-Water Fisheries: Implications for Fishing communities

Moderator: Brian O'Riordan
Panellists: Dao Gueye, Mamayawa Sandouno, Ernesto Godelman, Juan Carlos Cardenas, Hector Luis Morales, James Smith

1830  1930 hrs